June 2, 2011

Special Thanks

I wanted to send out a special THANKS to some wonderful ladies who took my first page and very professionally made some revisions and pointed me in a better direction on a few things. Their comments were very helpful and I can brush up the beginning of this book to really grab readers.

My unending gratitude to:


Your suggestions have offered me the chance to give anyone who reads this book a better FIRST IMPRESSION.

Check out their blogs and FOLLOW. Submit your first page and see what they can do to make you make a better first impression.


  1. As a writer (unpublished) myself, I know what it feels like to what feedback… hopefully good feedback. But don’t change the story because of what someone else said—unless—the changes sound good to you, if the changes make YOU like your story better. After all it’s your book, and your dream.

    Writing can make the strongest person have self doubt… I wish you only the best, and keep on writing.

  2. Thanks Jeff! I know what you mean. Even with my editor there were some revisions that I had to reject. That's one of the glories of indie pub. I have the right to accept or reject anything.

    When I first wrote the book, it was purely for my own pleasure. I will always have that first unedited copy to keep and read, since there are scenes in it that no one would ever understand unless they were me. I love getting feedback and knowing what the readers want, but at the same time, if I feel like it alters the story or what I meant to portray, I may just skip over it. It's a judgment call.

    I wish the same luck to you. Writing is it's own world.