June 27, 2011

Ever have one of those days?

     It seemed like everything that came out of my mouth today got twisted and scrambled up and my tongue absolutely refused to cooperate with my brain. By the end of the day, every word of this video made sense to me:


  1. Just discovered you've set up a Facebook fan page, so I 'liked' it! :-)

    BTW, how's the planning for the release of your book going? I may be coming to you for advice next Fall/Winter when my fantasy novel is ready for publication!

  2. Thanks for liking Scott! The planning is going very well. Everything is moving along, maybe a little sluggishly, but still moving :)

    When you get ready to get it ready (hehe) I will pass along everything I've learned. That in itself might become a novel...

    If, along the way, you need an extra beta reader or have any questions, feel free to ask. I can't promise I'll know the answers but I'll give it a shot. You can contact me here by email also.

    Good luck!

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  4. Life gets that way… but I can tell you’re a fighter, you have to be, you’re published. Take a second and let that sink in!!! You got published!
    You can count on a sell here. The day it comes out I’ll be inline.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day. If we didn’t have crapy days, then good ones wouldn’t feel so dang good!

  5. Thanks Jeff, I think I really needed to just stop and think about that. Then after I did that, I finally got the paperback formatting submitted :D

    Just cause you said that, I'm going to send you a promo code when I can get it on the sale list and generate one.

  6. Yep, that's life, but hey, who said we have to be perfect? :o)

  7. Oh my, thankfully, that is nowhere near the traits it takes to be a writer, or I would have been ruled out before I started :D