September 30, 2011

Falling for Fall

As I look around me at the leaves changing color, feeling the cool night air, and watching all the birds fly through, I'm starting to think fall is the perfect time for romance... Romance writing that is. I used to struggle, I mean REALLY struggle writing out romance scenes. I've never even considered writing a whole romance book, I can imagine how awkward and corny that would turn out...

Even though nothing I write centers on romance, it keeps popping up. Seems no matter what you write, there's some love in there somewhere. I wonder sometimes if having such a hard time pecking out a mushy line stems from real life experience. My husband and I, we really aren't the most romantic people in the world. We forget our own anniversary and spend Valentines Day at the Bass Pro Shop if that tells you anything.

I finally got some suggestions from a friend on good romance novels, and spent quite a lot of time reading through them, studying how they played with words to keep it interesting and realistic. There are some very talented folks out there with a knack for the L-O-V-E. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Now I might be able to finish this next novel without postponing all the love scenes until the rest of the book is finished.

Is there anything in particular that just doesn't come out right for you? How do you attempt to overcome it?

September 28, 2011


Lately, it might seem as if I've fallen off the blogosphere. Well, I have. After writing and marketing, and researching, and blogging, and writing, and formatting, and writing, and correcting... you get the picture... I needed a good long break from everything else to concentrate on writing. I've met my goal now, and I can come back out into the world, catch up with everyone else, and be social again!. WOOOOO!!