May 31, 2011

I'm THERE!!! (Almost...)

     The past few weeks have felt like a death race to me. My editor returned my ms with the FINAL revisions, and I took my time going through every last detail. I thought I had it in tip-top shape, and then I read the critique posted on BLACKBIRD IN MY WINDOW on my first few paragraphs. I suppose I never knew the word "waterhole" would be disliked. It's all well, though... changing one word was fairly simple. I tweaked the cover art to the best of my (meager) ability, and spent WAAAYY too much time learning to format ebooks.

    Now I'm all jittery (though it may be from all the coffee and not purely excitement), because this beast is formatted and ready for ebook! AAAAAHHHH. (Composing myself). I'm planning to set a release date in the near future between my grandmothers birthday, grandfathers retirement party, my husband's birthday, my father's birthday, fathers day, and Independence Day. Hmm... maybe I'll just wait until all that is over. Nothing really big going on in August.


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