May 15, 2011

Cover Ideas

     I've managed to render some 3D images, or use paint programs to create them, and I wanted to get some feedback on my cover ideas. Keep in mind that none of these are set in stone and they could all use some perfecting. I'm just playing around with some ideas trying to come up with the best cover. Let me know which one you like best. I may add more later as I continue my search for the right cover.

Cover 1 - 3D imaging

Cover 2 - Painted

Cover 3 - Old Style

Cover 4 - Contemporary

I would love to know what you think!!


  1. I like the first one. The third one's a close runner up, but the first just pops at me.

  2. really like the 3rd the best, not big on the 4th at all. The 2nd one is good too but still leaning towards the third one. Makes me think of the box.

  3. I really like the first one. My only concern with it is that the white text might be difficult to see against the blue. Maybe the blue could be moved down some so that the white text of the title is completely (or almost completely) on the black? Even if you don't do that, though, the first one is still the one that would catch my eye the most at the bookstore.


  4. I actually like no.s two and four best! No. one is cool, but the painted face on no. 2 and the eyeball on no. four are really more "eye-catching," in my opinion! But all four are neat, so, it's up to you!

  5. I really appreciate all the feedback. It's helped me to see what best portrays my story and what most attracts the attention of possible readers. In fact -- it's led me to question whether I should have an attractive cover for now and switch to a more familiar one later as people start to notice my work.

    I had to ask, oddly enough, I don't have a favorite.

  6. Number 1, hands down the winner