April 8, 2011

While I'm waiting....

             As of right now, I've stepped back from my work. I've put so much into it lately I think it's due time for a break. With nothing new to update, I thought I would throw out some ideas and tips for writers, some of the things I used to push me through until the end.

When making characters, I would use google search with terms like "brown haired lady" or whatever was a close fit. I would browse images until I found one that I thought looked similar to the way I wanted to portray that character, and save the image to the file on my computer. Anytime I needed to make a visual reference, I had a picture right there to guide me. I do this with places sometimes too.

 Walk away. One of my most used phrases while writing was, "I'm stuck." Sometimes I would put it down and not look at it for a month, sometimes it was only a day. Either way, when I came back, I had fresh ideas in my mind, and sometimes when there was a hurdle I couldn't seem to jump, the answer fell right in my lap. Take a break, it'll do you some good.

 You'll hear a lot of people say to have everything ready, know your beginning, middle, and end before you write the first word. Maybe that works for some people, but every time I've tried it, I end up going a whole different direction and scrapping my outline. I work better on the fly. Maybe you should have a general idea about your purpose, but I have to disagree with those detailed outlines.

 That's all that comes to mind for the moment, I'm sure I'll be adding more to this as it comes. Keep writing!

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