April 3, 2011

Forgot to mention

     I was set on using "The Pen is my Sword" as sort of a theme for this blog. I even chose those words to include in my web address. Upon traveling to my new blog to start, I see www.thepenismysword.blogspot.com. Thepenismysword? Really? No wonder I needed an editor. How could I miss that? Thankfully I did catch it, and made sure to change that one quickly. Hey, no snickers out there!


  1. Hi Brandy,
    Patty posted your blog, and being one of those 'aspiring' writers who is suffering from 'aspiration', I sat up and took notice. Rewrites suck! I think writing is FUN...was hoping to find an EDITOR who could "edit" it for me, as I have ADD and tend to hop, skip and jump all over the place...lol. I subscribed to your blog, and am eager to hear what happens as you make your way through the 'hurdles' of the publishing world. God bless and keep you and yours and keep on keeping on!! I must admit I did 'snigger' a tad about the website..muahaha

  2. Thanks for the comment! If you're looking for someone to just offer suggestions, I am part of a writing group and we take pieces to look over and try to help people in the right direction. I'm no professional by any means, but I'd be happy to take a look at it if you're comfortable with that. If you're looking for a professional, my editor is amazing!Good luck on your own writing journey, wish you the best.