April 5, 2011

Aspiring or Aspirating?

       I was struck earlier with the irony of how close these two words are. Not just in spelling and prefix, but in life as well. Aspiring authors probably often feel as though they've aspirated. Drowning in this mess of middle men and literary jargon could be very easy. I think that's precisely what sets apart authors from aspiring authors, though. It's sink or swim. And just like swimming, the first time you hit the water, you're not likely to be swimming laps around the marketing world. It's more like doggie-paddling, trying to keep your head above the water. There's no doubt you're going to get tired at some point, might even swallow a little more than you can handle. Do you get out of the pool or keep going?
     With that in mind, I've prepared myself for the rejection letters I'm going to receive. Not just prepared though. I plan to walk to my mailbox daily expecting a big red "NO" stamped on every envelope. If I can look at it that way, the rejections won't really be a disappointment, and when the day comes that someone finally decides to read my manuscript, well, won't that be a surprise? I may go bankrupt paying for all the postage, but I'll take out a loan to get my work out there again and again. With the summer months approaching, I'm looking forward to wading into the pool and getting my metaphorical feet wet.

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