November 29, 2011

The Spirit of Giving

In the Spirit of giving, I'm going to be offering my novel in ebook form for free until Dec. 25th. Go to SMASHWORDS and enter coupon code GJ25D to get 100% off =D


  1. Many thanks, B.T. Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas and thank you for following.

  2. H-huh....hmmm.

    Oh my.

    Erm...methinks Google is having a short or somethin', or Blogger is. 'Cuz...

    ...huh. I apparently also run a blog that goes by the name of The Pen Is My Sword (I even have the name registered with the .com and everythin'~!), and I don't remember followin' you, yet you showed up in my reader today.


    But there appears to be no new posts...could this be a closed down blog? For what it's worth I, too, recently started selling on Kindle and will be selling a book series on Smashwords as well!

    Totally coincidental, methinks...

    I'd like to talk with you more at length about such things, but namely in figuring out who shall continue to carry on the name of The Pen Is My Sword. I mean you even named yours "The Pen Sword" rather than the full thing, but...butbutbut...

    I'm a man of principle. I'd also, though, like to pick your brain concerning the world of Kindle and SW e-books.

    ...hmmmm, might I know you from the forums already? I just started posting there today! :D

    Hope to hear from you,

    ~Thomas Duder

  3. Hi all the best with your book. I have just finished my first book and will be publishing in March 2013. My website is

    Will look for you on twitter. Again I wish you good luck have a good Christmas.