October 26, 2011

The Mountain of WIPs

     I've been too distracted by the OWS media to write much lately :P 

The last time I cracked open my files to write, though, I flipped through the multitudes of folders that I have delegated for each WIP. It's like a library in there. I have so many WIPs!! So many beginnings, so much potential is lying unfinished and unedited collecting virtual dust. Does everyone do this? Accumulate a plethora of ideas and begin multiple projects, but never get around to doing any more with them? Looking at all these unused files, I think that's what makes me so happy about having at least one finished. Maybe since somehow I pulled that off, I can do it again, and again. I really hope someday my WTF (work that's finished, lol) is bigger than my WIP file. 


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  2. Amen! Thank goodness for the Cloud... my files are like cholesterol clogging up the veins of my hard drive! And like you BT, I finally got one of those WIPs in the WTF column.

    Keep Writing

  3. Greetings!! Searching for interesting blogs to read, I discovered yours. I too am writing a novel, after authoring two books of narrative poetry. It's a slow go; yet it is going well. My greatest adversary is time. I look forward to reading more here.

    S. Thomas Summers