August 4, 2011

Reviews, Surprises, and YOUR BLOG

      It's been awhile since I opened up my own blog. I've been charting new territory lately, seeking out book reviewers. I don't know for certain, but I've heard selecting literary agents is a difficult task. For me, sending out requests for review is draining too. I'm not making any lists and spamming reviewers. Instead, I'm carefully selecting them. I've read a lot of book reviews, and I'm trying desperately to keep away from those who seem to post all negative reviews, and also those who post all positive reviews. When I get reviews, more than wanting positive feedback, I want truthful feedback. At this point, I still have 0, but I've already got spots with a few who will post when they get to it, and that's a relief.
     It's been a real waiting game. Waiting for approvals, waiting for technical errors to be solved, waiting for reviews, lots and lots of waiting. The upside is that I've actually been doing a lot of writing while waiting. =D

    I suppose I was a bit blinded when I walked into this realm of book-writing. I've actually been VERY surprised that I'm dodging the eBook revolution. Thus far, I've sold nearly 10 times more paperback books than I have digital versions. I've also been very fortunate in an area I had only heard bad things about - trying to hand sell books. I even sold a book to a woman in a grocery store yesterday. In fact, ordering them myself and humbly mentioning them here and there has had the best rate of success so far. Has anyone else experienced this?

   While I have been neglecting my poor little blog, I haven't failed to keep up with others. I'm not telling who, but some of you actually have blogs that I'm bordering on addiction with. There were some in particular that hadn't posted recently, and I found myself watching and waiting. Blogs have been some of the best sources of advice, feedback, and encouragement I've ever found. I'm not the kind of person who just "follow"s a blog. When I "follow" them, I FOLLOW them. Even if I don't comment, you can bet I'm reading it. Keep up the great blogging!! It really does make a difference.


  1. Greetings,
    This great blogging community has been a most wonderful and cathartic experience. All different, all equal. Indeed, supporting and encouraging each other is a most positive result.
    And like you, when I follow a blog, I follow a blog and don't do it to try to get more folks to follow mine. That, I consider to be most superficial. I'd rather be supportive and proactive with my fellow bloggers.
    All the very best to you and happy writing.
    With kindness and respect, Gary.

  2. I have no advice from the publishing side... yet I would say being your best salesman would make sense. And let’s hope every sale you make turns out to be another sale from the reader’s side.
    You and your blog inspires me as well—thx for all you do.

  3. @Klahanie - you are absolutely right. I feel more in touch with the blogging community than I do with the one I live in.

    @Jeff - I can only hope! Your welcome, and thanks for yours too! You've been a blessing in verbalizing everything I seem to be thinking!

  4. You're right about following. Yes' it's difficult finding the time to read all the ones I want to, but I get round to them eventually. I've learnt so much from my Bloggettes. And 'met' some great people who give their time to me by leaving comments on my blog.
    Blogging is addictive. Really need to do some writing now!

  5. Wow, that's great news about the 10 to 1 selling ratio! BTW, my girlfriend wanted me to let you know she loves your cover! :-)


  6. @Valentina - blogging is one of those many addictions that likes to pull you away from productive things. It's good and evil all at the same time.

    @Scott - tell her thank you for me 100 times please! Okay, once will do, but 100 would be more precise on how happy that makes me!