August 17, 2011

WriteOnCon 2011 and upcoming guest

     Have you visited WriteOnCon 2011 yet? If you haven't, go there now! You can't beat a free online yearly writers conference. They have some amazing advice for writers by writers and LIVE CHATS with agents. It's a great opportunity for anyone who has a love for the art. The wonderful folks over at The Practice Room directed me to the site, and I can't thank them enough.
    Speaking of TPR - that's another thing you should try. A group of writers gets together, spends one hour dedicated to writing, and then we meet up in a live chat room to catch up with everyone's progress and report our own. It's a wonderful source for advice, encouragement, and TONS of humor. There is a schedule posted for TPR times here: THE PRACTICE ROOM. I hope to see you there!!

    Aside from all that, I'm about to host my first guest blog!! Who is the guest? None other than the wonderful little "Sasy". My 10 year old daughter is going to write her own blog about her thoughts on childrens literature with homosexual themes. Who better to ask than the children themselves? We got the idea from a blogger buddy who has been blogging recently about that exact subject. Read some of Jon's thoughts on the controversial subject at his blog HERE. Sassy's blog will be posted as soon as she's done reading and is ready for her voice to be heard. Stay Tuned. 


  1. Hi there,
    That seems like an excellent link and I shall notify some of my writing friends, published and aspiring, to check it out.
    And what a great idea having your daughter do a guest blog. I shall stay tuned. I shall also check out Jon's blog in regards to the controversial subject..
    Have a peaceful and positive day. Happy writing,
    Gary :)

  2. Great post.. nice link, and good luck!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that once I finish Unwind, I'll be reading Sounding Waters. I can't wait! It's sitting on my nightstand now, just waiting to be read! :-)